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"The Venus Elite" Beauty Patches in Stars and Moons by Magic and Manifest

We are #beautyaddict‘s and our latest #facesparkles were inspired by the 17th century... what we do now were once called #beautypatches then and have gone in and of style for centuries. They came in many shapes, such as stars, circles, and squares, and their placement on the face had specific meaning. For example, one by the mouth implied flirtatiousness, and one on the right cheek meant that the woman was married... more on that later.

The beauty patch took off at a time when French men and women alike wore extensive makeup, including white powder in their hair and white paint on their faces, accented with rouge on the cheeks and bright vermillion lipstick. Religious conservatives and other cultural critics, particularly those in more pious England, frequently denounced the dishonesty of cosmetics like patches.

Despite their prevalence, some European authorities saw a corrupting power in such cosmetic enhancements. “British ruler Oliver Cromwell supposedly banned them,” Chrisman-Campbell says, “not because of sexual immorality but because they were a sign of aristocratic affectation, making them immoral in the sense of being elitist. Of course, patches came back in England under King Charles II, who grew up in France.”

Of course, we had no clue when we started this- we took our inspiration from the 60's and 70's Vogue Models... but that's the thing about history, the further back you go- it just gets more interesting... 


What are "FACE SPARKLES"? Only Beauty's best kept secret. Face Glitter just got a whole lot easier (and less of a messy!) 

A shortcut to face gems and they can be worn anywhere on the body. 

Best part? They simply peel off and stick on. Imagine how much time this saves? 

Loved by makeup artists, artists, and fun people globally! :) 

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